slide-2At Bird’s Furniture Restoration, we maintain the highest standards when refinishing & repairing your furniture. See below for some of our specialties:


Custom Refinishing and Painting

The first and most important step of any finishing or painting project is the surface preparation. Prep work is the key to a good finish! We pride ourselves on paying particular attention to carefully stripping, sanding and cleaning the surface because without proper preparation the end result will be unsatisfactory. Our customers are kept informed about each step of the project, and are involved in the color choice and surface finish selections.


  • Complete or partial refinishing of your piece
  • Color choice: paint, stains, clear coats
  • Paints: we offer a wide variety of paints, including conversion varnish, lacquer, water-based paints, all of which can be color matched to your project.
  • Finishes: Our favorite finish is a satin gloss lacquer which is water, heat and alcohol/liquid resistant but we have many other finishes available.


  • Interior furniture
  • Patio furniture
  • Unfinished furniture
  • Custom made pieces (wood or metal)
  • Wicker furniture
  • Or anything else you have that needs to be professionally painted


Furniture Repair

We fix all types of furniture issues. Furniture repair projects range from something as common as chair leg re-gluing to veneer repair.

Sample furniture repair projects:

  • Table top restoration
  • Rejoining
  • Table surface inlay repair
  • Cabinet door repair
  • Dresser drawers reconstruction/slide repair
  • Create custom/missing furniture pieces


Furniture Stripping

Stripping is the first step of all refinishing projects, but if you prefer to “Do it yourself” we can simply strip your furniture piece for you. The solvent we choose does not use any water or caustics, and will not harm glue joints or veneer.

We use safe, effective stripping methods:

  • Hand stripping – some pieces require particular attention (like a piano), and we employ hand stripping
  • Stripping machine – the stripping machine removes the majority of the finish. Each piece is carefully inspected, and any finished by hand


Seat Weaving / Caning

If you have a cane chair or rocking chair that has loose strands, holes or sagging seats, Bird’s Furniture will restore it so you’ll enjoy many more years of comfort.

Sample Seat Weaving / Caning Projects:

  • Porch rocker weaving
  • Woven or press fit/machine Cane seats
  • Danish cord seats
  • Rush seats


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